Miraism® the International Movement for Absolute Renewal®.

Miraism® for Absolute Renewal® is a human and political ideology based on values and in its application.

It is intended to the globalization of political ideas through the integration of Mira’s platforms worldwide, to which millions of people who want the application of values, make part of.

Miraism® is a model of human, social and political behavior that has its starting point in the interior of every human being and is eventually manifested in individual and collective actions. Individual because it manifests with each being that aims to Absolute Renewal® and collective because it is the product of the sum of individual achievements that give as a result the quality of cohabitation, living together with respect, in the extended environments of society, community and culture.

The path to achieve these renewed behavioral actions, both in the private and in the public, is the experience. The individual is the center of the renewal, since it proposes the consolidation of a harmonic society, based on unity, starting from its transformation and improvement.

Miraism® is intended to form a different reality starting from the positive change of the individual, tending, in this way, to the Absolute Renewal® of the human being, not only at the individual level, understanding the individual as the generator of change, but also in the public setting, transforming the political, economic, social and environmental reality through actions supported by exemplary and virtuous behaviors that seek to achieve maximum respect for human dignity and the improvement of quality of life.

Miraism® answers essential questions of the human being such as:

What is the purpose of an individual’s life?

Can the individual, the community, society, and culture achieve realization?

Where does individual identity emerge from?

Is it possible to achieve coherence between thought and behavior?

Is it feasible to achieve the same formulation and practices at a global scale and at different times?

To the previous concerns Mirasm® states a maximum premise that integrates the answers: The Absolute Renewal®, emanating from values, is ideological orientation and practice of the individual, to achieve realization as part of a society, in any context.

The Absolute Renewal®, MIRAISM®, is the transformation of the human being built from the individual and based on values spreading to the community, society and culture.

The individual is defined, guides his or her realization and is transformed through the appropriation of values that when applied to his or her behavior, produce virtuous behaviors that generate common welfare and service for the individual and for the society.

Society is renewed with the collective application of values, that is, with the virtuous behavior of individuals to achieve the constitution of a scenario with quality of coexistence, a scenario of coexistence with respect.

The community follows the harmonic society when there is communication, identity, ability to define commonalities and execute actions based on values among its individuals.

Culture is the sustainability of values in the individual, society and the community, thus, its significance and extension for generations to come.


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